Wednesday 21 November 2012

Mysteries of Time Zones

there are some incomprehensible mysteries about time zones in the world...
let's see some of them:

3:30 hours in one step

from 2 to 2 hours

what time do you prefer?

it should be the opposite!

this is too much!

drive 5 miles in any direction and you must
change hours anyway, and take care of the
45 minuts more or less...

something's wrong...

 and this is the ultimate question!!!!
set your watch, if you can!

So, what time is it in South Pole? hehehe

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  1. Interesting your post about times around the globe... I enjoyed a lots... but I want to say that I know another curiosity... that happening in two island in south pacific, but I dont remember their names... the islands are separated by 150 miles each other therefore have differents days ever


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