Sunday, 14 July 2013


This is an idea that appeared during a dinner with a friend whose name is Joan Carles Guasch.
It's about a wonderful invention: the Polar Hammock!
I mean, why has a hammock to be a fine and comfortable way to rest just in worm weathers? 
why do we have to use it just for tropical climates? 
there are infinite reasons to decide that it's better to sleep hanging on a hammock instead of laying down in the ground even if the weather is not so hot and sunny!
So here you have the first image of the Polar Hammock! 
that's a union between a normal hammock and a sleeping bag for freezing nights.
So, now you can go to Swedish forests and sleep outdoor hanguing on a hammock as if you where in the caraibean beaches!

good night!
...and good luck!...

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