Wednesday, 10 September 2014

compass rose wih 2 signs

if you think a compass rose is a pretty complex stuff to represent graphically you're completely wrong!
look: you can do it with only 2 signs!
don't you believe me?

use the W and the N and you can have other letters just turning them with different angles. for example, a W turned 90º clockwise gives you a sort of sigma, that's very similar to a E.
and a N turned 90º clockwise gives you a Z but if you just mirror it you obtain an almost perfect S.
ok now you have all the cardinal points! and if you want to make it even better you can turn the W 180º and you'll have an M of Middle (or me, or Massimo).

consider also that the W sign is just a N with an extra line more!
we could even say that indeed this is almost one sign compass rose!
now you can simply distribute the signs along a ring and you'll have your perfect compass rose!
and it's also very elegant! hehe

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