Sunday 2 September 2018

Geographic test

This is a "psycho-geographic" test meant to be done for people who are not Canadian, specifically!

Let's consider a map of Canada...
Where do you think Greenland should be place?

Chose one of the following options

Try to answer sincerely before looking the answer.

You can check what is the correct answer by clicking HERE!

Now, did you answer correctly?
Probably not... or maybe yes ...if you are a geek of geography as I am...
Anyway, the interesting point of this test is that we are often used to the deformation of the world map projection and it's really difficult sometimes to understand that a map is not the reality! for example if you look at a conventional world map, Greenland is always represented beside Canada, on the right side.
This is because Greenland is mostly eastward considering Canada!
There are to points to underline: Greenland is one of the most deformed lands we can find in a conventional world projection map, and the options I gave you are misleading because in the map of Canada I drew when I say "north" it can seems that is really on the north side, but it's not! (near the North pole, even small deviation from the exact north direction can change the cardinal orientation of lands that are not that far...

So... just that.
Beware the standardize maps: they give you a vision of the world that's not real!

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