Saturday, 13 June 2015

name connections

when you listen to the name of some places such New York, New Guinea, New Mexico, New Orleans you're probably not thinking about the places they come from: York, Guinea, Mexico and Orléans.
this is obvious, but if you notice there are a lot of names in the world which are just the copy of names of other places in the world.
the reason of this situation is obviously the colonial conquest: maybe too many lands discovered in a too short period of time, maybe some lack of imagination at the moment of giving a name to a land, maybe just the imperialistic will to overwrite the ancient lands with the names of the new rulers, maybe a sort of nostalgic feeling or a simple similarity of the landscapes of the new territories and the lands the colonizers came from. whatever the original reason would be the result in the present situation is the same: there are lot of connections between places from side to side of our planets.
you probably know where New Jersey is, but if you're not an English man you probably wouldn't know where Jersey is...
the same things for lot of places in the World map!
it would be interesting to connect them all, don't you think?

here you have a sample I made, just to give you an idea.

indeed it would be even more interesting to put in the map all the small villages and the small communities, the series of New London, but also the Nova Veneza, Nova Odessa or all the cities, villages and regions that have just the same name (like Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Chile, Santiago de Cuba, or Granada, Córdoba, and so on...)!
if you'd add also the historical names of some regions like Nouvelle France or Nueva España, the map would be really really interesting to understand lot of geographical-historical-cultural connections of far places in the world.

maybe one day I will create this kind of map, but, up to now, you only can use a bit of imagination and play a bit with these maps.

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