Monday 27 July 2015

building another earth

in these days there's a lot of information about the discovery in a far solar system of a planet that's very similar to the earth.
its name is Kepler-186f and it seems to be the more similar planet to ours ever discover before.
moreover this planet spins at a distance from its sun that's not that different to ours.
the only little problem of Kepler-186f is that it's 490 light-years far away from us.
humans seem to be very concerned in finding a new planet to be colonized, especially considering the devastation we are provoking to the earth, it's better to consider the option.
other missions intends to create stable micro-colonies on mars' surface... I mean, is it really necessary?
if we are so sure that the only place for life as we know it is at a certain distance from the sun and that we have to find a new place for us... why don't we build a new planet in the place we want, not far from the earth?

let's start with a structure of a hollow planet made by waste and rubbish we don't want in our planet.
let's put it in orbit, in a structured way.
we start as it was a far satellite and we start building more and more of its frame.
in the end we would have a smaller ball, that's quite far from the earth. it surface would be bigger than it's mass in proportion, cause it will be build as a hollow ball.
the new ball will be implemented by rocks and materials mined from the moon and the other planets, in order to provide a certain surface and mass to this new artificial planet.
now that the core of the new planet is done, we can fill it with terrestrial earth and as the new satellite will be at the same distance from the sun of the earth it will be fit for the implantation of life.

so, let's start to dwell new artificial planets we build near the earth! come on!!

(of course starting colonizing the moon it would be much easier, but not that interesting in terms of innovation!)

we can also think about the possibility of inflating a big balloon, as big as a planet and starting colonizing it.
why not...
everything seems to be easier than saving our poor planet earth...
sad but true...

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