Friday, 17 July 2015

subway lines of middle earth

do you remember the famous map of Middle Earth dawn by Tolkien for the famous book The Lord of the Rings?
well it's a quite popular one, isn't it?
so, what if this map was a subway map instead of a sort of ancient treasure map?
hehehe. the result is pretty interesting. here it goes:

it's now easier to move through Middle Earth.
Frodo finally could easily leave the Shire just taking the train in the subway stop "The Shire-Hobbiton" and simply changing line from blue to purple go on until the end of the line, "Orodruin" stop.
the same for all the Company of the Ring and Gandalf and so on.
Sauron would even not notice that Frodo already destroyed the ring, thanks to the fast movements that the Middle Earth Subways permits!

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