Saturday, 22 August 2015

money-time converter

this is the idea for a app or for a very simple software or web page in the internet.
it's a money-time converter!
you introduce the data about how much you get in your job per hour and voila! now that the money-time converter knows your salary it can easily convert every price you're about to pay in the exact amount of time of your life you inverted in working-time in order to have that money.
it's an easy calculation. if the app knows your wage it's just a question of divide the price by a certain number.
but of course, it would be interesting to know that for instance you're paying a dinner 3 hours of your life or that your car is costing you 5 months of your life in the job.
a pair of shoes maybe 6 hours of your life. a good breakfast one hour working.
just some examples.
this app's task is to remember that that money you pay is time of your life you inverted.
an app that maybe can stop you before buying useless stuffs you don't need. an app against consumerism. 

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