Friday 11 September 2015

train rhythm

have you noticed that when you take a train and the train starts to run there's a very nice and sweet sound that accompany you?
tu-tu-tu-tum   tu-tu-tu-tum   tu-tu-tu-tum   tu-tu-tu-tum 
and so on...
this rhythmic sound is an effect of the passage of the wheels of the train over the rails that are made of standard pieces of metal divided by a narrow gap; this gap allows a thermic expansion in case of high temperatures.
ok, that's something that anybody knows but... what if we use this rhythmic sound for making something more interesting?
why don't we project a railway made by different lengths of metal bars (and maybe also of slightly different forms or metals) in order to create a sound that's like a percussion rhythm?
can you imagine to move in a train that makes a habanera music just because it is running over its rails?
this is not that difficult to do!
let's make the rhythmic subway trains for example!!!
let's make it!!!

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