Saturday, 17 October 2015

the Tide Dam

it's not the first time that I'm thinking about a dam that can produce energy using the sea. if you look at the post called "turbine a maree" I've already planned a sort of tide-engine that uses the changing level of the seas as a constant source of energy.
Indeed I think this is a technology that can be successfully developed.
it's a Tide-Dam.
Dams always need a difference of level from a side to the other in order to produce a flow of liquid that can be used to move a propeller and therefore to produce energy.
generally the dams are built on the valleys of the mountains in order to create these difference of levels of waters.
but what happens if you don't have mountains?
I think that a good idea (and sometimes even a safer idea in comparison with mountain dams if you consider the possibility of a dam failure... which sometimes happens) could be a tide-dam: a dam that uses the constant changing level of sea waters to generate energy.
the moon is the real engine of this dam: every 12 hours the tides invert their sense and the levels of the oceans are changing.
the only thing to do is to close up a basin of water sufficiently wide and to put some propellers on the walls in order to permit a flow of sea currents through them.

the basin will slowly fill up but in the meanwhile the level of the seas will be changing and suddenly the basin water level will be higher than the sea level in its low tide, so the flow will invert and the energy will be produced by the currents of the waters which are draining the basin to the sea.

it means: constant energy just creating a wall with some propellers

isn't it nice?

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