Monday, 2 November 2015

the selfie tree!

why taking just one picture with an ordinary selfie stick, when you can have more?
buy the SELFIE TREE the first stick with multi-branches devices!
you can put together 10, 20, 30 i-phones and taking a huge amount of pics with only one click!

the Selfie Tree is very useful! you can post various pics simultaneously to facebook, twitter, istagram, pinterest... every photo will be slightly different thanks to the minimum difference of the point of view of every mobile phone. this can feed your vanity in the way you deserve!
the Selfie Tree has no inconvenience at all! just be careful when you bring it with you, you just need a weapon licence! indeed the selfie tree have to handled with care, the simultaneous use of the flashes of the phones could provoke blindness the most of the times.
so, what are you waiting? hold up your selfie tree if you're strong enough (the latest versions of the selfie tree can be up to 25 kilos!) and take your beautiful pictures!!

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