Wednesday 14 November 2012

my own syllabic alphabet

Among the several different kinds of invented alphabets that from time to time I draw, there's one that maybe it can be a little bit more interesting than the others.
This is my own syllabic alphabet that I invented using signs that could somehow remind me the sounds that they represent (that is the way the syllabic alphabet was in the beginning).
Now I cannot remember these sound connections because I made it about 15 years ago, but maybe this can give it a sort of "traditional classical" authority.

What I still can recognize because I remember somehow is this word: Má·ssi·mo , my name

it's made with:
MA - from the sign representing a hand (= "man" in venitian)
SI - from the sign representing a dragonfly (= "sitón" in venetian)
MO - from a sign representing a mountain (= "monte" in italian)

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