Tuesday, 13 August 2013

beach lockers

It's summer-time! ...and this is an idea that's so simple that I'm sure it's already existing. 
I've simply never seen it around, in my beach experience, but it's for sure somewhere in some beach area.
Anyway this fact I never saw it around is already a good reason to speak about it, 'cause I think it should be everywhere! in any public beach. I feel the need of it! what am I talking about? but it's clear: I'm talking about the: BEACH LOCKERS!

It's the same thing than in a swimming pool.
if you go to enjoy the beach, alone, with no friends to look after your stuffs while you're swimming how are you supposed to to take care of your belongings if the place is crowdy and it's full of little thieves (like Barcelona or Rio de Janeiro shores, let's say).
Maybe you cannot just go out without money and nothing more then a towel and 5 euros in your pocket, 'cause you come from your job or, possibly, you're gonna stay out during the night or whatever.
what's the solution? it's simple: the municipality (or at least the beach-bars, privately) should put some beach-lockers: you just put your important stuffs inside and you go to swim, rest and do what you want without any worry about looking after your belongings. 
do you see? it's too obviously easy for not being real already.
anyway I want it in Barcelona now!!

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