Monday 17 March 2014

dawn and sunset map

here you can admire the map of dawns and sunsets (in a very simplified way!!)
it represents the places in the coasts where you can watch a dawn with the sun rising from the sea (shown with the blue line) and the places where you can stop and enjoy a sunset on the water of the ocean (red line)!
that's a very useful map for those who like this kind of moments!

of course this map is not precise, first of all because during the period of a year the sun starts and finishes its path in different points of the horizon, not always from (the exact) East to the (perfect) West.
second, moving towards the poles these differences in the movements of the sun from a month to another are so big that there are places in which the sun doesn't set down form months and so on... so... dawns and sunsets are not that easy to represent.... anyway more or less here you have an approximate scheme of how it works (or at least the exact scheme of how it works during the days of the equinoxes).

for a smaller place of the earth the problems that I described are already the same, but they can be less strong. here you have a map that works quite well for Europe, for example.

this map is more detailed so you can see also the places where you can enjoy both sunset and dawn in the seas (violet line)

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