Thursday 22 May 2014

car detector => hi-tech device

how to know when a car is passing through a specific point (for instance the gate of your garden) without the use of a web-cam, a secret camera or a infra-red beam?
it's very simple! you even don't need electricity!
just use a hose, passing on the floor. block one side of the tube and unfold the hose through all your garden till the living room of your house. on this final end of the hose put a whistle.
every time a car will step on the hose, the air inside the tube would make the whistle buzz.
that's all.

the same hi-tech system can be used for people walking on a specific path, the only difference is that you must put the hose under a tile that has to be sufficiently big in order to be sure that the person would trample on it.

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