Wednesday 16 July 2014

overlapped flag of European Union

I know this makes no sense, but anyway how would the flag of EU be if we decide to overlap all the flags of the countries of the union in one flag?
quite crazy, isn't it?
so, here below you have the graphic answer.
in order to realize the overlapped flag I started overlapping groups of flags of 5 or 6 countries each. here you have the previous result:

and then the union of these 5 flags was easier to me. so here it goes, the overlapped flag of all the countries of EU:

in my opinion this flag represents the union in a better way because it shows the absence of a real project: it's just the mix of different entities that don't match one another the confusion is complete, because none of the flags really wants to disappear in a new design.
every flag inside this pattern just wants to be visible and to be unique.
so, why do we have to use the official flag? this is the real European Union flag!

and here you have the geometrical scheme:

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