Saturday 14 March 2015

7 world projections

the world can be represented in an infinite series of ways, some maps are familiar to us, and we are so used to them that we aren't realizing the great differences there are between them.
indeed the deformations are huge!
I overlapped 7 of the most common maps of the world keeping the 0º,00' lat and 0º,00' long point and the proportion on the equator line. here you have the amazing result!

the differences of deformation are quite impressive!
the projections I selected are: Robinson, Mercator, Peters, Behrmann, Eckert VI, Aitoff and Gall Stereoscopic. you can notice how the further we go from the equator the appearances of the continents are changing more and more.
the previous image is good to understand which projection I used, but the following one is better to realize how every map is skewing and distorting the world in a different way (as we go further from the equator line)

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