Thursday, 14 May 2015

maps of language families

nothing new: just simple language maps in Europe
I took the language maps of the wonderful page muturzikin and I isolated the main language families in Europe.
here you have the maps with a single isolated language family each.

the Slavic language family.
notice the presence of language enclaves inside Germany, Italy or Asian Turkey.

the Latin language family.
you can see the interesting presence of Arumanians in Greece and Macedonia.

the Greek language family.
not as obvious as you can imagine, the Greek are still present in Turkey and southern Italy but near Athens and Thessaloniki there are regions dwelled by Albanians and Slavic people.

the Albanian language family.
present in Greece, southern Italy and Asian Turkey

the Germanic language family.
present in Romania, northern Italy and Finland. some Finnic enclaves in Scandinavia

the Celtic language family.

the Finnic language family.
still present in Sweden and Norway as well as in Russia.

the Turkic language family.
less compact as you could expect, the Turks are still present in Europe in the Balkans and around the Black sea

the Baltic language family.

the Basque language.

the Hungarian language family.
especially strong in Romania, Slovakia and Serbia

that's all. nothing new, but this visualization shows that when you speak about languages in Europe the things are a bit more complex than they generally seem.
there's almost no border that really touches the real borders of language areas.

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