Saturday 22 August 2015

map of continuous meridians

map of continuous meridian (beyond the poles)

going a little bit further from the post of the map of complete rotations, I tried to define a map in which it was possible to visualize the relationship between the meridian lines from an hemisphere to the other.
as you know the meridian lines are a semicircle and they go from pole to pole, but it's quite obvious that they are part of a complete circumference that conceptually cuts off in the middle the our planet by a certain angle.
the 0º meridian passing through Greenwich is the opposite of the 180º meridian. both together form a complete circumference. the same for the 25º East meridian line that corresponds to the 155º West meridian line.
exactly as I did in the map of complete rotations, the curves lines of the planet should be now represented as straight lines but not only until the moment they reach the antipodes of a point, they go on until they draw a complete circumference of the world.
here you have the map:

the world is duplicated because the objective of this map is not the idea of showing all the areas of the planet only, but it's also the one of highlighting the correspondences between one side of an hemisphere to the other.
this provokes a duplication of all the lands that generally we are used to see inside a world map, but it gives us an idea of the real situation of what happens when you cross one of the poles following always the same meridian lines.

now it's clear that if you go north from Greenland and you cross the north pole the land you will find on the other side is the middle of the northern coast of Siberia and that Russia and Canada are facing each other in front of the Arctic sea.
now it's also finally clear that if you go south starting from the Patagonia you'll reach Australia on the other side of Antarctica (that was the plan of Shakleton's expedition for instance).

as you can see this map has an interesting use and even if it's showing things that are quite obvious it finally shows them in a clear and global way, something that's quite innovative if you thing that a map like this it's not usual at all.

with the same concept I also developed other ways of showing the same map.
this is the same map, but made in a way you privilege the vision starting from the north pole.

the same can be done using the south pole as the centre of the map:

and if you like this kind of game, here you have the complete map, with both visions: the north pole based map and the south pole based one. enjoy!

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