Sunday, 19 November 2017

Himalaya vs. Alps

Have you aver been in the Alps?
If you had already, for sure you'd have noticed  the immensity of these mountains!
From the top of one of them you can see an ocean of picks in all directions.
It's a labyrinth! a universe! an infinite world you'd never be able to discover in one single life.
Too many valleys, too many picks, to many canyons...

So... what to say about Himalaya?
Well... Himalaya is just a little bit bigger than Alps arch...
Have a look to this map showing the relative surfaces of the regions above 2000m height in the case of Himalaya vs. Alps:

That neverending sequence of valleys and picks we experienced in Alps would extend from Ireland to Georgia, from Norway to Romania and from Finland to Hungary.
Inside such a huge (almost) desert territory, there's still space for lot of mysteries and unknown adventures!
The world discovery is not still finished! 

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