Monday 3 September 2012

the Cork Army

In the Republic of Arimon there is a strong army growing up day by day: it's the Cork Army

the unbeatable Cork Army is defending the Republic strongly and bravely.

Every time we open a wine bottle is an official enlistment for a new hero of the Republic.
here you are the first 22 bald warriors defending the freedom:

Maria - the Ninja Invader - Sub-Comandante Ederra - Chef n' Go

Crazy Cork - Corkemada er Boia - Mostro-Corcho - Corcho Sentado

Cork Guardia Civil - Kung-Fu-Cork - Venerando Sughero - Happy Corchito

Corcho V.I.P. - Angelo Sugherello - mr. Cork-Biker - Corcho de Guantes Rojos

Bepi el Gondolier - Stranger Cork - Corketto Antennino - Gemelli Portatori & Golden One

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