Monday 5 November 2012

* * * * * MY BOOKS * * * * *

My books of voyage drawings arrived!
I finally have them in my hands!
(I'm happy)

the result is really satisfactory! I love them! now I can give some copies of them to my friends. 
or even better to send them by physical mail, as I received them.

If someone would like to buy them the price should be really cheap because my intention is not to "sell" these books, but to spread them between those friends that can be interested in this personal point of view of my voyages in Brazil, Angola, Sierra LeonePoland, IndiaMozambique and Tanzania.

to buy these books is easy and anyone can do it online through these links:

- and KiTanzania

in these webpages you can also visualize a preview of some pages of the books, but as you know, you can always see the drawings of these books in my blog webpages, you can watch the ones you like, you can download them, you can print them, do your own book if you prefer and basically you can do whatever you want with them.
the books I published contain some additional parts like pictures, short stories (in the ones of Brazil and India) and some small dictionary of kuranko language (in the one of Sierra Leone) or even an ethnological research (in the Koinadugu Book) but the books are mainly made by the drawings you can see in these pages:

that's all!
I'm happy

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