Sunday 7 April 2013

sub-title glasses

It's a big problem when you go to a different country where there's a different language and you are in a situation in which you have to communicate with locals but you don't have any idea about any word of that language...

that's a trubble! what to do? the language guides, the dictionaries are for sure interesting and learning a new language is an idea really fascinating, but what about those situations in which you don't have time and you must get some information?
A good solution could be the SUB-TITLE GLASSES!

these glasses are connected with a wi-fi system and they have a small microphone.
when someone before you is speaking a language you cannot understand, you turn this device on and a software will recognize the language your new friend is speaking, after this the translation will appear over the crystals of your glasses in form of sub-titles!!
and don't complain the fact google translations are not perfect, you can now get the general meaning of a sentence you couldn't get just one second before!

I want the sub-title glasses! now!

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