Thursday, 27 March 2014

spheres of time

developing the same idea of "my life in volumes" I decided to go further realizing another visualization of the time units: how would be the relations between the different periods and moments of my life (36 years) if any of these periods would be represented as a sphere?
the effect should be like a series of planets floating in the space, the volume of whose would be proportional to the time they represent.
the basic unit is a second and all the periods are expressed as a volume multiple to the seconds. here you have the table that I made in order to get the diametre of the sphere, that was the datum I needed to represent the graphical view.

and here you have the final visualization starting from a small point (1 pixel) representing a second till the final sphere of 36 years that represent my whole life so far.

it's amazing to notice how big a day looks in comparison with an entire sphere of 36 years!!

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