Friday, 2 May 2014

New International Sign Language for all!

when someone hears about sing language he generally thinks that sign language is a language for all the deaf people of the world, because they are deaf and they are not dependent on the variations of spoken languages we are used.
sadly it's not like this: every nation has its own peculiar deaf language, different to the other ones.

this is a real pity cause we tend to think that a language that's not spoken could finally be international, for the whole world, far from the problems of syntax and pronunciations and that we could finally have a language that's not "partial" and related to a specific nation ruling the world.

this is an error 'cause the sign languages are languages developed through history and they have the same problems of spoken languages in terms of syntax, lexicon and difficulty of creating an international language.
there have been attempts to create an International Sign Language, like the Gestuno (ISL) and the Sign Language Pidgin (now-a-day commonly used in international deaf meetings) but these sign languages are not very successful and they never worked out properly.
this is because they are not proper languages, they are a reduced pidgin made for limited international communication.

but even if creating a new international sign language is as hard as creating a new international spoken language I want to propose it for a further purpose! and this is the main point of this post:
if finally a group of the most important sign language linguists join and achieve to create a New International Sign Language not related to any specific cultural area, we would have a powerful tool for international communication, but not only for deaf communities, also for the hearing ones!

that's my linguistic dream: to form a New International Sign Language (NISL) that is created by deaf international linguists and that is designed to be the language for all humanity (deaf and not deaf).
deaf language for hearing people! it could finally avoid all the problems of pronunciation and different local accents that create so many barriers for integration and communication.

the NISL would be the new communication for everybody in any situation: meetings, travels, trades... a different level of human communication that overcames the spoken differences.

this new language would also yield a second result: the idea that deaf or dumb people are handicapped would be completely changed and they would no more be considered as less capable of communicate, on the contrary! they would be special people with a superior attitude for international communication.
they would be the most perfect users of the international language.

I like the idea to go to china and having no need of speaking any world of chinese or english but being able to communicate with local people by mean of my hands!

I like it!

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