Tuesday 15 July 2014

stone map

Very ancient map engraved on an ancient stone has been found in c/Arimon 24 ático-1 in Barcelona.
Archaeologist Massimo Pietrobon declared the stone being proceeding from the coastal regions of southern Catalonia. according to his studies it should belong to the sandy beaches between Cambrils and Mont-Roig, south Tarragona.
The small pre-historical map (8cm x 6cm) represents a very detailed geographic knowledge of Europe and the area of Mediterranean basin.

Scientists and Geologists are still shocked by this extraordinary finding because the stone and its engraving seem to be at least 65-millions-year-old (when the shape of modern continents were quite different...).
Further analysis are in process nevertheless the "stone map" of dr. M. Pietrobon is already one of the most astonishing archaeological piece in recent history.

In dr. M. Pietrobon's opinion the engraving should have been done by means of a sort of metal scissors which some mysterious inhabitant of the land used in order to crave a prophetical vision of the future shape of that part of the world.
These statements are even more incredible considering that human beings were not yet existing 65 millions of years ago.
Notwithstanding this difficult hypothesis Mr. M. Pietrobon defended his own theory  in front of all the scientific community. Eventually he included his mysterious "stone map" inside the list of the most famous ooparts even if someone had the impression that during the speech he was seen hiding some old scissors: tool that seemed to be very similar to the one that could make engravings on that kind stone.
the mystery is still open.

the "stone-map" or dr. Massimo Pietrobon

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