Monday, 3 August 2015

how empty is our solar system

how empty is our solar system?
sometimes you can find some representation of the sizes of the planets of our system in comparison with our sun (they're so tiny...) or in other images you can find the orbits of our planets (from the sun tu mars the planets seems to be so close... on the other hand the other giant planets are so far away...
but none of these two representations give us a real idea of how empty is our solar system...

scroll this image to reach the end of it.
over there you see our planet earth.

the earth is just a small point. 
almost invisible.
mercury and venus are two very close planets... but can you realize the amount of emptiness around us? just open the image in another page and visualize it on its real dimension. it's quite shocking to realize the real proportion of our planet are really those ones!

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