Sunday, 8 November 2015

American Toponymic map

I just checked the etymology of every province, state or region of the main countries in both Americas and I assigned a colour for names deriving from European languages and another colour for names deriving from Native American languages.
for smaller countries I just checked the toponyms of the country itself.
that is the result.
completely mixed up!

I used as a base an image I found in the net in which there was the same concept and an even more detailed definition of languages: french, spanish, english... or quetchan, arawakan, caddoan, eskimo...
the image was nice and very interesting, but it only considered the inner divisions of the USA, Canada and Mexico.
in addiction of this I thought it would be even more interesting just using 2 colours showing the name of places of the colonizers (the Europeans) and the Native (the real Americans), without making differences between the different languages inside these two groups.
the result is interesting. check it out.

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