Friday 9 December 2016

the victory of separatism

What would happen if all the active separatist movements in Europe would win in one moment? Of course a lot of new nations will burst, but what would remain of the previous national countries that we know now-a-day? Here you have the answer:

very few countries wouldn't change their shape: Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Estonia, Belarus, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro (and if you want to add Malta and Luxembourg, it's ok).
If you look at the map it's a very small part among the European countries: even small countries like Moldova, Albania, Slovenia, Netherlands, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania would lose part of their territories.
And what about the extreme case of Belgium? the only part remaining would be the only town of Brussels!!

Here you can see some general examples of the change of shape of some major countries in the continent.

And so... if this is the situation? what will be of the European Union? hehe... here you have the answer.... a sort of bitten apple union...


  1. European union shouldn't be apart. What makes europe union strong is their union. Hope the leaders of nations and people will agree consenaully


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