Friday 7 June 2019

the HP recycled giants

Finally my recycling art work is in place!
The recycled giants of HP graphic academy are now on their wall!
This work is a 5 meters high recycling art that uses all the materials that day by day are used in the printing industry of the HP Indigo technology. Putting together all the cleaning pages, blankets, screws, PIPs, electronic boards, cables, capsules, encoders, wires, tapes, blades, etc... the 3 giants came to life!

The oficial photos are still to be taken, but I cannot wait to share with you my happiness that they finally found their place.
This art was a quite long process and I had to face the problem to manage several different materials sometimes difficult to thrill, sometimes hard to stick together, sometimes too delicate, sometimes almost impossible to cut, sometimes complicate to take the form that I liked...
But the giants are now there, visible in the international training center of the EMEA region for HP, and that's a prestigious place for my new recycled friends!

The main concept of the work was "recycling"!
All the materials that are thrown away constantly during the industrial production can be reused and can take life again!
And that is the message that the giants want to tell you.

Soon I will post the oficial pictures and presentation, but for the moment you can have an idea with this brief presentation.
I hope you like.

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