Friday 9 November 2012

Sweet Mama Salone Book

For those who don't believe until they don't see the pictures, I tell you that (after the arrival of podróż do polski and the books lembranças do caminho y desenhos de angola)finally the Sweet Mama Salone Book arrived!
the book with all my drawings in Sierra Leone!
It's good to have some books of mine in the shelves of my room, it's a nice remembrance or a nice present for my friends.

As you can notice, the book has a sort of experimental format due to the concept of the original diary of sketches that I drew: I tried to create a sort of continuous strip of drawings starting from the first page to the last one. In an abstract way if you could see all the pages one after the other you should see just a unique large drawing. for this reason I decided to organize the pages as a composition of squares sketches in which you can see the "normal" couple of pages and, by their sides, also two parts of the previous drawing and the next one as well. the effect could be a bit strange and repetitive. it depends how much you love these drawings.
anyway if you prefer a more conventional format of book there are other two versions of the same drawings, one is KOINADUGU that is a book with "normal pages" that gathers the same sketches and the Kuranko glossary I made in Kabala, adding to this also some beautiful pictures of Fabrizio Savini and some made by me as well. Koinadugu is not a huge book (just 77 pages) but the price should be very low.
the other version is the same of Koinadugu but there's a very interesting extra that is the ethnographical reserch over Kuranko's culture made by the anthropologist Micheal Jackson (I know... the name sounds strange...). this book is the most complete of the three versions and it's called KOINADUGU BOOK (365 pages about Sierra Leone. if you watch and read one every day, exactely in one year you will finish it!!!

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