Tuesday 18 June 2013

socializer T-shirt

this idea is for those moments in which you want to socialize and you don't know exactly how to do.
the perfect tool that will radically change your situation it's a T-shirt:
the Socializer T-Shirt!
have a look at this image, what would you think you'd do if you are lost in a new town and you see someone dressing a T-Shirt like this?

obviously you'd think it's someone who's giving informations to people, so probably you will ask her/him any question about the town.
That's the secret of the Socializer T-Shirt! If you wear this T-shirt you are not supposed to give any information (or maybe yes, but just if you want to) but vou can be sure a lot of people will come to you to ask you any kind of stupid question. so, starting from this point you can now decide to show them the town, explain how to reach a place, joke with them, speak, explaining the Socializer T-shirt system, accompany them to places or, basically, anything you want: you've already socialized! now enjoy your socialization! haha

if you don't want to be victim of extreme unstoppable socialization waves, please don't wear this T-shirt!


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