Thursday 27 March 2014

my life in volumes

how big is a second in the whole volume of the time of my life?
here you can see a nice visualization of it:
I started with a unit: a second
and then I created a minute multiplying it 60 times. same thing for an hour. and then the volume of 1 hour multiplied 24 times for a day. here you have the first image:

the next step is multiplying the "day cube" 30 times to have the average month.
of course 12 times that cube it's a year.
and then 36 times the "year cube" to reach the amount of year of my age: 36 already!! :)
so, here you can see the next step:

and now to visualize all the issue, you can see the complete image: all the time-cube-volume of my life with the different solid spaces representing the common time unites.
the seconds are so small that are almost lost in the picture, but days and hours are not so invisible eventually.
it's always surprising how every hour can be so visible even in a 36-years-old man's life!
(and this is a philosophical thought! hehe)
et voila

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