Wednesday 6 May 2015

ghost in a room

today I have a ghost in my room!

ok, you can say this is just a stupid stuff: a curtain waved by the wind. nothing more.
but if you look it properly and if you use a bit your imagination maybe you'll be able to see the infinite possibilities of playing with this light effect!
just imagine a window that's not so... rectangular! imagine you cut out from the wall a shape of some... ghost, for instance, the effect you'll have would be considerably more impressive and powerful

in any case, next time you've to make up a new exposition or a new art installation and you don't have any idea about what to do, just remember: cut out a shape of some monster or some flying animal and put this filter in front of a strong lamp. 
now you just need a fan and a curtain and the rest is done: you now have a phantom image in the dark moving like a ghost....
maybe a series of them!
maybe a lot of them in a raw, just moving differently lightened by the same light...

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