Sunday 12 May 2013


Ok, I already published a post about it: my Tape-World.
but in the end of that post I told you that it was possible I could add some geographical names to the map...
so.... I'm sorry it's not finished yet, but I cannot resist: I must put this image of my New Tape-World on a crystal bottle! 'coz I like it so much! haha.
It has been something really easy to do and it took me 10 minutes to make it, but I'm really proud of this Crystal Map cause I'm a map obsessed guy and now every time I seat on my work desk I can watch to this world map made by me.

I'm just a little bit sorry for those parts of the world in which I didn't put any name yet, but maybe it's better like this: I love the not-finished things. It reminds me of those ancient globes of the middle ages in which bog parts of the world were not yet explored.

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