Sunday, 11 December 2016

Geo-Political deformations

we are very used to a world map like this:

It's one of the most conventional ways to represent our Earth: an equirectangular projection map.
We know that it's impossible to avoid deformations in a square representation of a spherical object, but the geo-political implications of a very conventional way to see the world are not always clear and conscious.
The position of the countries (up or down, in the map, for example) or their relative proportions can convey a sort of hierarchy of forces and values.
This hierarchy is even more powerful if this hierarchy is unconscious and subliminal.

Let's consider this map, for example:

This is a less conventional projection of the world: this alerts us!
The new vision of the Earth compels us to think about the world in a different way: a more conscious way, more careful, more curious maybe, and also more reactive: when you see a non-conventional map you are immediately ready to analyse it and, probably, criticise it.
Nevertheless this last map I showed you here above is another perfect equirectangular projection map of the world! The only thing that changed is the point where we "unfold" the spherical planet: the North-Pole in the first map, and Rome in the second map.
OK, this is just a geographical analysis, but let's see the implications of such a different (and simple) way to represent our planet:
In Rome there's the smallest country of the world: the Vatican City.
Vatican City is not even a city, but it's just something more than a square and a park:

if we "unfold" our world in the middle of the Vatican City what happens?
well... look: The Vatican City (smallest country in the world) is represented as the entire upper edge of the map!
This means that this small country is as long as the whole terrestrial circumference!!
The graphic representation of this perfectly acceptable equirectangular projection map shows the central point of the Vatican City as the equivalent length of the equator line!
Have a look:

As you can notice the Vatican city is also represented as the superior line of the map, this unconsciously means that Vatican city stays upon the rest of the world (or that all the world is under the Vatican City position).
Indeed this should be the official representation of this country: the deformations are horrible, but the implicit meaning is perfect for this absolute monarchy that thinks that rules the whole humanity and that is the only one that knows what is good and what is bad....

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