Wednesday 21 November 2012

new frontiers of self-editing!

this is my new frontiers of self edition of books! after my first 4 books of personal drawings, now I'm using the self-edition for anything I need. example: a guidebook for India! I need it, I'm about to go to this huge different country! I found the pdf's of the guidebooks, I put my maps, my documents, the information of flights and visas, I made new covers with a map of the regions, so it will not be necessary to open the guidebook to have an idea of where the places are, it's just to have a glance to the cover of the book and you already know where you are and where you want to go.

I removed from the original pdfs those descriptions of regions that I'm not going to visit for sure, and I split the guidebook in two volumes: Northern India and Southern India, that's perfect for my kind of travel in which I should decide between these two big areas, that means that when I'll choose the region I'll handle just one of the guidebooks.
and it's still cheaper than the official Indian guidebook, even considering the sending costs by mail!
So, I'm very proud to show you my new guidebooks honestly called "Copied GuideBook of Northern (or Southern) India"

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