Wednesday 8 May 2013

Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia - animated gif

This is the time-lapse of the territorial evolution of the Serenissima, the republic of Venice, the longest lingering repubblic in all human history. The time is proportional to the real possession of the regions by Venice (1 year = 10 milliseconds). I'm enjoying animated gifs, did you notice? hehe

I made also a version in which the time is not proportional to history but in which is better visible all the territorial changes. just click here. or also another bigger version in which 1 second is 10 years (it's really slower), if you want to watch it just click here.


  1. slower version ---> 1 year = 50 milliseconds --->

  2. Great Idea, Massimo, I shall share this work of yours in the Historical FB Groups I am engaged in...

    1. you are welcome Umberto! anything I put here is free to be used by anybody! thank you! hehe
      ansi, grassie!


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