Monday 6 May 2013


The NEW book of the series "travelling-sketches-books-of-mine" has been created!
This time is the turn of my Indian drawing book called Sketches of India. I know the title is not that original, but at least it's quite clear the subject.

The standard version of the book is the cheaper one made in grey tones.
The black and white shades are not bad even if this time beside the usual ink drawings I wanted to give some colour touch to the black signs so sometimes I used things that I found on the road in order to give some visual tone to the compositions.
This made the original drawings become an interesting melting pot of ink, coffee, holy powders of Hindu temples, coca-cola, Indian tea, food sauces and so on.  An interesting experiment I have to admit.

If anyone of you would appreciate to have a copy of the book with colours there's a second version of the book, but it's quite expensive.

Most of the book is made with the scans of the trip diary (150 pages over 190) the rest is some small extra (including even the tale of a dream that I had during this adventurous travel).
Anyway, as always, the same drawings you find in this book are visible and open in the net, if you want to have a look enter the blog: and, of course, if you like them, you can download them, print them, modify them and make your own personal book as you prefer.
I hope that through this new book some friend can share and enjoy this last drawing trip of mine.

to have a look to all my books open to be purchased in internet you have to open this link.
and if you want to buy this Indian book click here.


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