Monday 6 May 2013

personal kabalistic analysis of a hand

the power of the numbers and the symbolic meaning of the series of quantities and their hierarchy is nothing new in philosophy and religion. But I'm not a philosopher nor a religious man, so my own personal interpretations of the numbers that a hand can hold it's a naive symbolic approach that maybe can make someone smile.
That's exactely my porpose.

0 - zero is nothing ---> closed fist. NO. total negation of any possibility. aggressive enclosure. nowhere.
1 - one is the existence ---> YES. absolute positive certitude. one direction. here.
2 - two is the alternative ---> MAYBE. the choice to do. the junction between the opposites. there.
3 - three is the options ---> I DON'T KNOW. many possibilities in all directions. confusion. where?
4 - four is the spatial order ---> SURE. 4 cardinal point, 4 directions, all the space around is finally in order. clear orientation in an open space. anywhere.
5 - five is all ---> open hand. ALL. overcoming the limits of space. all the answers are in your hand. you openly have all the space and moreover the space beyond the horizon. outside and inside. everywhere.

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