Friday, 2 August 2013

infinite zoom

PUPIL = from latin word "Pupilla" meaning "doll" or "small girl", so called from the tiny image one sees of himself reflected in the eye of another.

inside our pupils we always can see the reflection of our own image. 
so, here you can see the infinite zoom pointing to the eye of a man, going deeper and deeper into the eye of his reflection and so on and on.

remember that this can appear as an infinite linear zoom, but in reality such a thing could be "possible" only in front of a mirror, where the image of a man is exactly what that man sees. 

this is interesting: a linear infinite zoom is theoretically possible just if you make the image bounce continuously from a surface to another. typical magic of the mirrors...

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  1. I want this but with a woman. Me gustaría ver esto pero en una mujer.


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