Thursday 7 November 2013

Random Self Message Sender

This is a special device (let say something like a data base or a web page, maybe an app or a special phone service) that receive the messages that the "present Yourself" wants to send to the "future Yourself".
You can enter the page or the data base and write now a message, a reminder, an advise that will be sent in a casual moment in the future to your future You.
There's a special tricky secret alliance between the present yourself and the future one so it's very important to avoid the possibility to receive in the future a massage that you were already expecting. the Surprise is a substantial point of the Random Self Message Sender.
It's a sort of mailing system from today to some tomorrow of your life.
If you are easy to depress, write special messages to encourage yourself. you'll randomly receive them, and you will never suspect which of your messages you would receive next month.
Insert in the data base your favourite quotations, your youth dreams, your secrets, the special sentences that someone special told you once...
If you always do the same error, write you a reminder note, because you know that you probably would try to avoid to solve it also in your future... just leaving it for tomorrow. but tomorrow is the day you'll receive the message! so it is already the time to start to fix it!
an example? "switch off that computer, exit internet and go out".
but also stuffs like "stop smoking", "get a girlfriend", "don't drink too much" and on and on.
write you good things: "tell your parents you love them", "learn how to play that instrument you always wanted... still waiting?", "travel now!".
Take it like a sort of reminder of the things you consider really important for you. we cannot always be conscious of the important things in our life, so in those moments when you can do it just enter these thoughts in the data-base: the system will send this important message to a future moment in which probably you won't be aware of what it's important for you.
Powerful device the Random Self Message Sender!!

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