Thursday, 14 November 2013

unseen places map

generally when I think about a map related with the places that I travelled or I already saw, I draw a map that highlights the visited places, like this one
unlike this kind of maps another way to visualize the places of the world you already travelled is to delete the places that you know and to leave in the map just the places that are still unseen.

this is my personal map of unseen places in 2013.
The Unseen Places Map is the perfect map to organize your next trip. very useful to clearly understand which are going to be the lands of your future discoveries in this planet.
It's just a way to underline the future, the unexplored part of the world, instead of the past, the known parts of it.
it's a sort of half-eaten apple: where can you still bite juicy parts of the planet? this world is big! still a lot to bite!
I find it nice.

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