Friday 24 January 2014

mobile phone sleeve

Now a day technology is part of our normal life. Connection is so common that someone who forgets his mobile phone at home could probably have a mental breakdown or an epileptic crisis in a few minutes.
In the train stations, in the bus stops or in the airports, people simply cannot stay without their whatsapp messages or their connection to facebook. Even in the bar, with the friends, the mobile device has always to be at hand! 
the vision of people touching their flat mobile screens is so common and present everywhere that realizing that there's nothing that helps people to have their mobile phone always at hand is almost absurd!!!
but that's the reality! nothing! nobody thought a system to keep your mobile phone near to your fingers!
so.... here there's the solution! finallyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
I show you now: the Mobile Phone Sleeve!
this sleeve is a usual sleeve but it ends with a special pocket with the dimension of your device. you insert your mobile in the pocket and you close the button. now your mobile phone is near its usual position in the palm of your left hand.
when you're not using it there's no problem: it would stay near but not in your hand. you can make your normal activities without caring about it. it's just when you seize it that you can use it normally.

there's also another detail: it's a soft protection that covers the screen.
it's just a part of the tissue exactly like the rest of the sleeve, but it has some weight so when your arm is down (that means you're not using your mobile) the protector is "closed" protecting the screen; on the contrary when your arm is up (probably because you want to use your device) the tissue protection will fall down uncovering the screen.

it's just an idea.
it's just strange that there's nothing really designed to have this tool close to the hands of the people who use it so often in any place!

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