Friday 10 January 2014


This is something that I have been thinking since I was a boy: if there's a band and the guitar player of the band dies (or leave the band) they put another guitar player and that's all. same thing for the drummer and also for the bass player. a bit more difficult can be when the singer has to be changed, but as we can see there are so many bands that did it. the result is not always successful, but it's something that bands do quite commonly.

so.... instead of bands that lose their strength and appeal just because they want to keep playing even when they are tired to do it, why don't we create the ETERNAL ROCK BAND?
a group of player that substitute every member any time that anyone of them disappear.
the task of the band is to keep the band alive, like a living being! haha

it's technically possible!
it's wonderful!
you can have a rock band that crosses the centuries beyond the personal destiny of each member!

I know. it's nice because it's just crazy!
completely insane! hehe

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