Saturday, 8 February 2014

wind wheels!

you just go in a flat place, like a long beach with compact sand. you take your WIND WHEEL and you connect it with the kite that's flying in the windy sky. that's all! you have a self propelled wheel that will roll and roll until the wind power is over.

here you have a more realistic scheme to make you understand the easy system:

this kind of wind wheel is the first I imagine and I like it for the simplicity of the idea.
can you imagine a big flat land in a windy day with a series of these wind-wheels running in groups, without anyone moving them? wouldn't it be a magical vision?
but even if I like this idea because it's the most conceptual one I have to admit that I was wondering if there was a system to create an autonomous wind-wheel because the previous one is moving until the wind blows and when the wind stops the system also stops.
but this is such a simple idea that there are thousands of ways to realize a wind-wheel that can run and stop and start again when the wind comes back.
here you have an example of the model number 2 of the wind-wheel:

it's a system that includes two sails on the sides of the wheel and a metal profile that works as a base in case that the wind were not blowing.
the metal bars stabilize the wheel when it's steady.
when the wind starts blowing again the sails would lift up the metal structure because they are not fixed on the middle of the wheel, they are hung from the upper part of the wheel and considering the shape of the sails the strength of the air will push from the bottom lifting the hole system.
as the system is up and the wind is blowing again the wheel will go on rolling and rolling infinitely! :)

enjoy your wheel!

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