Friday, 29 August 2014


how would a Jupiter's Australia be in comparison with the Earth's original one? very very huge, of course!
that's maybe a very stupid question but the answer can give us a perfect idea about the differences of sizes of the planets of our Solar System!

So let's make Australia bigger or smaller proportionally following the differences of sizes of the planets and let's overlap the resulting maps over a world map. how big do you think it would be a Saturn's Australia? and a Mars' one?
it can be interesting: here it goes.

and to give you the same idea in another way I also add this image:

anyway maybe the better comparison is combining together all the maps of the bigger Australias:

and combining together the other maps of the smaller Australias:

you have to admit that some planets are really huge! and some others are so small... poor Mars, for instance...

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