Tuesday 5 August 2014

what if the US were Palestine?

What would have happened if Palestine were the USA?
let's make this small effort of imagination:
do you know the famous image of the evolution of the Palestinian territories during the years? here you can have a look to it:

so what would have happened if instead of the Palestinian land the UN and the Zionist movement would have selected the US territories as the promised land? here you have the answer:

so as you can see the Gaza strip would be now the Miami strip and the West Bank would be now the Middle Bank.

as regards the Palestinian population if we make the right proportions we can understand how many US citizens would be refugees in other countries.
if the Palestinians are 11 millions in total and only 4.400.000 are living inside the borders of Israel, we can calculate that over the present population of the United States (318.500.000) there should be now more than 191 millions of American people living as refugees outside of the US.
the rest of people would live in the Miami strip (50.000.000) and the Middle Bank (over 75.000.000 of people).
but as it happens now with the Palestinians when the US refugees would complain that they lost there own lands the rest of the could would answer like this: why are you so obsessed with this piece of land? you can easily move to Canada that's a country where people speak your own language, you're the same. just shut up and forget that land that, ok, maybe it was more fertile and it was yours, but things change and if you now try to claim your ancient lands you're a real risk for the peace in this region. you're a terrorist. probably it wouldn't be a bad idea to bomb down Miami. just in case, you know. with these extremist US people you cannot negotiate...

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