Sunday, 21 September 2014

real depth of an ocean

this is another way to explain the same concept that I wanted to show in the post called curiosità altimetriche.
it's about the real depth of the oceans in comparison with the massive size of our planet.
oceans are so big! so wide! most of earth's surface is covered with water, but the depth of the oceans (so unreachable and difficult to explore by the humans) it's so.... thin!
the deepest point in all Earth's oceans is just some meter more than 11 kms!
the diameter of the planet is something like 12.750 kms.
are you noticing the astonishing difference of the scales of these two measures?

I don't know if it was clear for you all, but when I think about an ocean I think about a very deep mass of water and when I watch at a world map, the great extensions of water make me think about a very think layer of oceans, but the reality is that oceans are just a small skin around the surface of the world. so thin that some very small change of temperature of the planet could give the impression that it could evaporate like a drop of water over a hot pan.

oceans are very thin!
almost invisible!

to make it clearer I made these two images: it's a section of the planet in which is easy to see the real depth of the oceans. it's almost nothing!

and this is just a zoom if you need to see it better.

not that deep indeed!

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