Monday, 20 October 2014

how to read a political map

this is a good political map of the world in which you can read the real names of the countries as they should be. 
this is a very useful map to show to the nationalist people just to remind them that a land is just a piece of soil which borders always changed during history. they will go on changing like waves in the sea and if we are born inside one of this moving borders it's just a simple case.
so every time that you watch at a political map this is the way you should really read the names written in it!

as you can see, people live in countries that are just a casual portion of the planet. nobody decided were to be born. you can just chose where to live, sometimes. but anyway, any country in the world is just an historical coincidence that will sooner or later disappear.
so, don't be so interested in the names that are written on the conventional maps, this is the real way to read a world map:

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